How Saint Andrew’s Lives Out Our Calling

We offer worship, educational, and service opportunities for our church family and visitors. Whether it is an inquisitive Godly Play lesson with our younger children, or a soul searching book read by an adult formation group, St. Andrew’s hopes to provide a safe place to encounter Jesus, explore faith, and encourage vigorous spiritual growth to all who enter our doors. These ministries are successful because of a dedicated number of St. Andrew’s volunteers and lay ministers. St. Andrew’s is a family of leaders that cares deeply for one another as siblings in the family of Jesus Christ.

“I am lucky to have not one, not two, but three talented music mentors at church (Maureen, Albrecht, and Zac). And every time I share a piece of music during the service, whether it’s vocal, or on the organ, or trombone, everyone encourages me and makes me feel happy, and it increases my confidence to play more things. Sharing in the music at St. Andrew’s helps me feel more connected to the church community. ”

Zac, WHERE is name