His Last Message


HIS LAST MESSAGE Jesus’s last message to his disciples includes an act of love and compassion: to pray for them. We follow Jesus’s example to focus our [...]

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Rogation Sunday


ROGATION SUNDAY We celebrate God and God's gifts to us. May we be blest in Word made flesh, in Word made soil. The creative Word of God [...]

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Summer Enrichment Program


SUMMER ENRICHMENT PROGRAM The Summer Enrichment Program provides positive developmental, educational, recreational and social interventions to meet the needs of elementary school-aged children in Putnam County. [...]

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SUNDAY AFTER EASTER Do something that won't compute. Love the Lord. Love the world. Love people who do not deserve it. Ask the questions that have no answers. Practice [...]


None Better


NONE BETTER Observing both Palm and Passion Sunday at the same time, reminds us of our limitations, and that those limitations do not stop us [...]

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