Thoughts on the Road Ahead

The road goes ever on and on…
J. R. R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

A few weeks ago I wrote the following in our St. Andrew’s Newsletter – “the hardest part of change is not what lies ahead, but what we must lose or leave behind to get there.” I meant it then and I mean it now. As you have probably heard, a change will soon occur at St. Andrew’s as I leave you in order to literally follow a road north – IN State Route 231 to be exact – to Crawfordsville. While this change is necessary at this time for my family and myself, my journey will nevertheless be bittersweet.

I have genuinely grown to admire, love, and treasure each of you since arriving here in September 2019. None of us then could or did anticipate how difficult and unusual most of these months would be. Nor could we have known with certainty how we would respond to them. I believe that we have responded gracefully and faithfully. We have lost a few things even while receiving and gaining many others. While time and certain opportunities have been lost, innovation and resilience have emerged – innovation and resilience which I am confident will lead you forward into a yet unknown, but bright, future. And through it all, you have taught me much – much about you certainly, about myself I hope, and about hope always. For all of these and so much more I sincerely thank and bless you.

I will begin a term as Interim Rector of St. John’s Parish in Crawfordsville on July 1. My final Sunday at St. Andrew’s therefore will be June 27. In these remaining few weeks, I intend to reach out and/or reconnect with as many of you as possible. And I will do so not to say “goodbye,” but rather to say “thank you” and, even more importantly, “see you down the road!”

With blessings and love…


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Prayers and Reflections for the Easter Season

We have heard that the daily reflections and scripture readings provided during Lent were appreciated. Those of us writing them have also found it an enriching experience and have decided to continue. The meditations are written by persons from Saint Andrew’s, Gobin UMC and Beach Grove UMC. The daily meditations will be in the newsletter each week and go from Wednesday to Tuesday, except for Sunday. Whether you enjoy these every day, or as the Spirit moves you, may this resource continue to bring you spiritual food for the journey. Blessings!

The Third Sunday after Pentecost

Sunday In-Person Worship, June 13

You can connect to the service via Zoom. Click on this link to connect. If you have not used Zoom before, you will be prompted to download Zoom, go ahead and do that. When you enter the meeting you should be able to see and hear others and others can see and hear you. If you come in a little late, please listen for a moment before speaking. In order to see everyone, go to Gallery view (upper right on PCs and upper left for Macintosh). When we get started everyone except the speaker will be muted. If you are reading or playing music, please be sure to unmute yourself.

If you are connecting via telephone dial 301-715-8592 and when prompted enter the Meeting ID: 847 8600 1703 and press #, then enter the password: pray and press # again.

Click here for the service booklet for June 13

Non Food Pantry Latest

Saturday, June 26

• Noon to 3:00 p.m.
There will be a drive through distribution coordinated by Kate Berry. We are very grateful to Martha Rainbolt, Carl Huffman, Karen Hirt Mannon, and Christiane Wisehart who have worked very hard to obtain supplies for the Non-Food Pantry. Kroger is not able to acquire enough products for us so the items are being purchased from a variety of sources. This is much more expensive. Donations to help offset this extra cost will be gratefully accepted!

Top 4 Needed Items
  • Menstrual Pads
  • Tampons

  • Paper Towels

  • Toilet Paper

Your prayers are asked for:

Lorrie Anderson, cousin of Joanne Haymaker
Beth Benedix, friend to many of us at Saint Andrew’s
The family of Margaret Anne Ervin, sister of Bob Haymaker
Jeanne Fitzpatrick, friend of Jim and Karen Mannon
The family of Eric Fladeland, friend of Tim and Caroline Good
The family of Tom Gibson, brother of Gwen Morris
The family of Micah Grimm, friend of Zac and Savannah Johnson
Mary Ellen Gurnon, aunt of Daniel and Stephanie Gurnon
Rena Hale, sister of Thea Warren-Simpson
Steve Jones
Keith Keysor, friend of Andy Cullison
Lisa Breese Kincaid, daughter of Bob and Mimi Breese
Grayson Lyons, great nephew of Peggy Angleton
Art Mannon, brother of Jim Mannon
Stanley Morris
Mary Mountz
Marilyn Mourouzis
The family of Rev. Bill Novak, friend of Fr. Mark Van Wassenhove
The family of Bruce Ploshay, friend of Page and Narda Cotton and former member of Saint Andrew’s
Gordon Redden
Jordan Sanders, sister of Jim Ensley
The family of Jeff Sheffler, son-in-law of Page and Narda Cotton
The family of Peter Staats, friend of Suzanne Hassler
Skip Sutton
Sydnor Thompson, brother of Harriet Moore
The family of Phyllis Wright, grandmother of Zac Johnson

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: Trinity Church, Lawrenceburg: The Rev. Mary Taflinger.

Our companion dioceses: The Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil: The Most Rev. Mauricio Jose Araujo De Andrade, Primate of Brazil and Bishop of Brasilia. The people and Diocese of Haiti and Saint Andre’s in Mithon.

Anglican Cycle of Prayer: The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion).

Birthdays: Joe Myers, June 13 . Mary Mountz, June 15 . Thea Warren-Simpson, June 16 . Claudia Butler, June 19

Anniversaries: Bill and Lucy Wieland, June 15


Special Events and Services

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