A Message from the Rector:

A shared wisdom throughout the world and throughout the ages is that when we learn to savor the here and now, we come to realize that we are ever in the presence of the Holy One.

Jesus tells us over and over again that “the Kingdom of God is near” and urges us to refocus the way we look at the world so that we can see God’s mercy and grace where we so often miss it: in the most common, ordinary, basic moments of life.

Think about the Eucharist. To show our reverence and to invite reflection, we make it as beautiful and solemn as possible. We use beautiful linens, carefully polished words, soaring music, and fancy vestments. But at its heart the Eucharist is a family meal around a table. The table is set, we are invited, give thanks, and remember who we are. We break bread and a cup passed so that these elements can be shared by all. The table is cleared and the dishes set aside to be washed. The hoopla of vestments and linens and candles and music is not that different from the care we might give to a special dinner with friends and family at home. But there are moments of sweetness and beauty in the everyday: God is as present over a bowl of cereal in the kitchen as at the gorgeous high altar with silver chalice and paten.

Emphasizing the everyday is integral to Christian spirituality. It has been a particular focus of Celtic Christianity, the mode of Christian expression that took root when the faith spread to England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland beginning in the fifth century. Examples of Celtic Christianity are found in songs and prayers sung by women as they started an ordinary working day:

–stoking the fire

I will kindle my fire this morning
in the presence of the holy angels of heaven,

–washing the face, splashing water three times

The palmful of the God of Life,
the palmful of the Christ of Love,
the palmful of the Spirit of Peace,
Triune of grace.

–straightening sheets and blankets on the bed

I make this bed
in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost,
in the name of the night we were conceived,
in the name of the night that we were born,
and the day of the day we were baptized,
in the name of each night, each day,
each angel that is in the heavens.

God is present in the most familiar of actions.

As you may know, my father died on July 13. A great blessing for me in being present that final evening and day of his life was to hear family members tell him how the everyday moments of shared family life were the moments they most cherished: memories of teasing and joking, of sandwich lunches and ice creams together, of board games and going to the movies. One of my nieces burst into Dad’s room to play a song for him on her phone—Louie Armstrong’s “Wonderful World”—which sums up the joy of the every day, always there for the taking. It was poignant that one of the most significant and singular moments in my family’s shared life was filled with cherished memories of the very, very, commonplace. The Holy was seamlessly mixed with the Ordinary.

We’ll have some opportunities to explore Celtic Christian spirituality at St. Andrew’s this fall. In the meantime, I hope that the sweetness of late summer and the crispness of early autumn, and of the most basic elements of daily life come into a new focus for you, and that you find moments of blessing in the hours and days to come, no matter how mundane.

Rev. Jen

Quotes are from Esther de Waal, Every Earthly Blessing, 1991.

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Rector’s Office Drop-In Time

Rev. Jen has set her office drop-in day as Wednesday of each week from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. for anyone who would like to stop in and visit. You are always invited to make an appointment for a time convenient for you. Mondays are her Sabbath day. NOTE: Rev. Jen will be out of the office Wednesday, August 2 and also Friday, August 25.

The Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord

Sunday Morning In-Person Morning Worship Service, August 6, led by The Rev. Dr. Jennifer Oldstone-Moore, 10:15 a.m.

You can stream the service via St. Andrew’s Facebook Page. Click on this link to view the Live Stream. We will start the Live Stream 5 minutes prior to the start of the service.

Click here for the service booklet for August 6.

The Latest Updates


On September 10 with a 1:35 p.m. start time, our diocesan “neighborhood” (in the old days, a “deanery,” that is, a subdivision of the diocese that includes the parishes of Terre Haute, Plainfield, Lafayette, Crawfordsville, etc.) is going to see the Indianapolis Indians. Our seats are behind home plate–the tickets are $15. Let’s have a great St. Andrew’s showing and enjoy an afternoon of baseball! For those who prefer not to drive to Indy, we will work to organize carpools. Make reservations and send in money to the St. Andrew’s office by August 3. Make your checks payable to St. Andrew’s with “baseball” on the memo line.


Be looking for an all-parish questionnaire with your weekly newsletter. We will use your responses to plan for this year’s gatherings, Christian education, and all things St. Andrew’s!


Our church is committed to the well-being and safety of all, especially for the vulnerable. To provide a safe environment, we have two adults present in the youth Sunday school classrooms. Please consider being a volunteer as the second adult in the Elementary Youth Sunday School. This is an occasional commitment for the first half of the Sunday service (you would come back to the sanctuary at the Peace). Our Youth Director, Macie Barker, will teach the class. Volunteers are certified for Safe Church through an on-line course similar to many that businesses and schools require. Please consider being a volunteer!


There are several inside and outside projects that still need doing to maintain our church and grounds and keep them beautiful. Kate Berry, Junior Warden, has compiled a list that can be accessed in the electronic newsletter. Please sign up to do a chore or two, if you are able. Click here for sign-up sheet. Thanks in advance!


Please add spray cleaner and toilet bowl cleaner to your shopping list for the NFP. Every little bit helps our budget go farther in helping meet the needs of folks in Putnam County. The Pantry returns on Saturday, August 26. There is a sign-up sheet posted in Hamilton Hall for folks to help with a product pick-up and/or as well as for help on August 26 at the monthly distribution. FYI: Baskets at church are now dedicated for the NFP and not the food pantry.


Every week the St. Andrew’s newsletter has a reflection about life and faith. Most are observations about daily life and where we experience God in the midst of the “same old, same old.” We would love to feature your thoughts – – a few paragraphs that will help us all see more clearly how the Holy One touches us in our ordinary lives. Please let Renee or Jen+ know if you are interested.


We still have some large print Day by Day daily devotionals in the sanctuary that you are free to take home for your personal devotions–and if we know that people would like copies, we can order the right amount. Many of you may also appreciate the on-line version of Day to Day. Click here.


The Diocese is offering training for people to become Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEV). This training licenses you to take the blessed sacrament to those who cannot come to church, including residents of The Waters. It is a wonderful way to be church! The next training is on September 7. Please consider being a LEV! Contact the Rev. Mary Taflinger at taflinger@indiodio.org with questions. Register here.


The new link can be found on the St. Andrew’s website at the bottom of the last page. Click on the Zoom icon to join as an attendee for Bible studies and meetings.


Once a month Sunday services are continuing at The Waters. The next service will be Sunday, August 13 at 2:00 – 2:45 p.m. If you’d like to help with this ministry in any way, please contact Rev. Jen or Renee. All are welcome to attend!


We continue to respond to both our county’s current CDC designation and to the current variant. Masking is optional. Those who serve bread and wine will mask so that anyone who comes to the altar can feel secure. Decisions on COVID policy have moved from the Reconvening Committee to Rev. Jen and the Wardens.

Prayers and Reflections for This Week

We have heard that the daily reflections and scripture readings provided during Lent were appreciated. The meditations are written by persons from Gobin UMC and Beech Grove UMC. They will be in the newsletter each week and go from Wednesday to Tuesday, except for Sunday. Whether you enjoy these every day or as the Spirit moves you, may this resource continue to bring you spiritual food for the journey. Blessings!

Click here to view the readings and accompanying links.

Non-Food Pantry Latest

Saturday, August 26

• Noon to 3:00 p.m.
There will be a distribution in Hamilton Hall and light lunches will be served inside. We are grateful for all those who have worked so hard to obtain supplies for the Non-Food Pantry. Items are having to be purchased from a variety of sources making it much more expensive. Donations to help offset this extra cost will be gratefully accepted! NOTE: Distributions will resume August 26 with new guidelines and will take place indoors. Participants must provide proof that they live within Putnam County.

Top 3 Needed Items
  • Spray Cleaner

  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner

  • Toilet Paper

Your prayers are asked for:

Haile Bane, grandson of Joanne Haymaker
Beth Benedix, friend to many of us at Saint Andrew’s
Douglas Butler, brother-in-law of Claudia Butler
Richard A. Butler, father-in-law of Claudia Butler
Adam Cohen, friend of St. Andrew’s
Bob Fatzinger, brother of Barbara Pare
David Grueber, stepson of Scott Kissinger
Kimberley Heithaus, niece of Joe & Jenny Heithaus
Lisa Breese Kincaid, daughter of Bob & Mimi Breese
Mary Mountz
Tom Mullen, father of Patti Harmless
Emmanuel Myril, Karen Hirt Mannon’s son-in-law’s father
Marilyn & Leo Nelson, sister & brother-in-law of Joanne Haymaker
The family of Michael Oldstone, especially his wife Elizabeth, father of Jen+
Gordon Redden
Elizabeth & Natalie Sheffler, daughter & granddaughter of Page & Narda Cotton
Gloria Smith
Skip Sutton
The family of Jerry Taylor, friend of Warren & Connie Macy
Sydnor Thompson, brother of Harriet Moore
Dwight Ziegler, brother of Stephanie Gurnon

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: St. Mary’s, Martinsville: Ms. Peggy Miller, Senior Warden.

Our companion dioceses: The Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil: The Most Rev. Mauricio Jose Araujo De Andrade, Primate of Brazil and Bishop of Brasilia. The people and Diocese of Haiti and Saint Andre’s in Mithon.

Anglican Cycle of Prayer: The Province of the Anglican Church of The Congo. We pray for the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Haiti, and especially for St. Andre’ Parish and the School in Mithon.

Birthdays: None.

Anniversaries: Harriet and Kevin Moore, August 12.

Special Events and Services

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