Descriptions of the Areas of Ministry at Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church

Groups Ministry

Each group listed (Children, Youth, Families, Students, Seniors) represents a distinct group with its own spiritual and social needs. We currently have a committee working to provide our children with Children’s Church, social activities, and support for parents. We have yet to develop ministry that targets Youth, Students, or Seniors. Over the next year each of these outstanding groups will be the subject of Vestry discussion, and hopefully we can begin to build ministries that will support them.

Contact Person: Father John


The purpose of the Worship Team is to help facilitate services focused on the praise and exaltation of God, where people find renewal in their relationship with God and one another. This Team reviews our liturgy and music to ensure it engages our parish in the deepest ways possible, and invites all ages of people to express their gifts for worship for the building up of our common life together.

Contact person: Father John ­

Evangelism and Mission

The Evangelism and Mission Team focuses on how we are intentionally reaching out to our wider community. From the development of Newcomer materials, to advertising, to service projects (and the many other ways we can demonstrate a spirit of love and concern for others) – this Team seeks to create bridges between our spiritual community and the larger community of Greencastle and the world so that all people may hear the Good News of Christ.

Contact Person: Brooke Cox ­


The Finance Team monitors and reviews our parish budget with the goal of ensuring that we are the best possible stewards of the resources God has provided. In a spirit of transparency, this Team may suggest the best ways to invest our financial resources, as well as consider ways to maintain a balanced budget.

Contact Person: Dennis Knuth ­


The Property Team oversees not only the needed maintenance of our buildings and grounds, but suggests ways of improving our current spaces for the sake our various ministries. This group ensures that needed renovation is in accord with the desires of the parish (and Diocesan Office) for the sake of the growth of Saint Andrew’s.

Contact Person: David Murray ­

Fun & Fellowship

The Fellowship Team seeks to create opportunities for the members of the parish to interact in ways that strengthen both our spiritual and social connections. Organizing fun activities for the parish, holding small group meetings, helping people feel welcome, hosting various occasions, and creating an atmosphere where people can connect at Saint Andrew’s— all these activities fall under the oversight of this group.

Contact Persons:

Narda Cotton ­

Kathy Jones ­

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Team develops ministry primarily focused on the support and encouragement of the members of our parish. Pastoral ministry takes the form of prayer (facilitated by a prayer chain), cooking meals for those in need (sick, recently returned from the hospital, etc.), and making sure that those who are in crisis have the support of the priest and their church family.

Contact Person: Joanne Kissinger ­