The liturgical ministries provide the opportunity to directly participate in the worship service.

Lay Readers – proclaim God’s word to his people by reading the Lessons and Psalms to the congregation from the Lectern and leading the Prayers of the People from the pews.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers – administer the elements (the consecrated bread and wine) at any celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors – following a celebration of the Holy Eucharist, take and administer the elements (the consecrated bread and wine) to members of the congregation who by reason of illness or infirmity are unable to be present.

No special prior experience is required; only interest in these meaningful ministries. Lay Eucharistic Ministers and Visitors must be adult (defined as age 16 years or older) members of the congregation in which they serve.

Usher and Greeter – warmly welcome and assist both visitors and parishioners while providing quiet, consistent support to the seamless flow of each service. They greet at every service, help latecomers find a place to sit, hand out service bulletins, receive and present the offering, assist in communion, tidy the sanctuary before and after each service, and help with other details during each service.

Altar Guild – prepare the altar for any service held in the church, and assisting the clergy whenever necessary.  The members are also responsible for cleaning the altars, caring for the sacred vessels, and securing the necessary articles to be used at any service. The guild also orders and arranges the altar flowers for services.

Worship Committee – committed to providing meaningful worship experiences for our members and visitors. The worship committee exists to provide guidance for what happens during our worship times. Its role is to examine all our various worship experiences and make recommendations to the Rector and Vestry for ways that each can be strengthened and improved.

The Committee meets on a quarterly basis and the meetings are open to all. Keep on eye on the bulletin for an announcement of the next meeting.