The Evangelism and Outreach Ministry Group works to create intentional connections between our spiritual community and the larger community of Greencastle through a variety of service projects and outreach efforts.
The Non-Food Pantry is our largest service project that reaches out to residents of Putnam County to provide many household products not covered by other assistance programs. Additionally, we provide support to the Summer Enrichment Program and Bridges Out of Poverty. The team is currently preparing materials for a “welcome kit.” We have roughed-out visitor information cards to be put in the pews and collected each Sunday; we have drafted copy for a new brochure about our church; and we are working toward purchasing mugs and pencils with our new Saint Andrew’s logo. We want to strengthen the way we welcome and invite visitors from the community.
We welcome participation and input about the work of the larger committee, along with help as a volunteer in one of our service projects.