Welcome to Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church! This website has been designed to help those seeking a progressive spiritual community find ways to connect and explore. Here, you can read about our churches history, values, and current ministries. Most importantly, please know that you know that you are invited to join us on Sunday morning for worship, and at any of our other offerings – such as our Adult Study groups and Youth activities! Our community is growing as people in the Greencastle community discover a warm spiritual community of Christians committed to the following: ­

We are first and foremost a worshiping community, rooted in tradition but expressing a living faith in Jesus Christ; ­

We are a community that believes science and Scripture can both be taken seriously; ­

We are a community with a wide spectrum of theological beliefs, but a commitment to common prayer and worship together; ­

We are a community that welcomes all of God’s children, celebrating the diversity of gender, sexual orientation, and race; ­

We are a community that takes social justice seriously, and we work to relive the poor in our area.

If you attend our services, you will see that we are a lot more than the above. We invite you to join us for worship, or contact us should you have further questions about Saint Andrew’s. We look forward to meeting you.