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The Zamberlan Organ Opus 1 comprises 18 stops, 23 ranks, over two manuals and pedal. Three nor­mal couplers, Gt/Ped, Sw/Ped and Sw/Gt, are controlled by hitchdown pedals. There is one general tremulant affecting the entire organ. A cymbelstern is installed on top of the center tower. Pedal lights are wired into the blower switch. Great at impost level, Swell in the bottom rear, Pedal above that (behind Great). The key action is entirely mechanical, as is the stop action, except for the two pedal stops which are activated by slider solenoids.

Casework of red oak, with hinged panels allowing easy access into most parts of the instrument. Keydesk area in butternut; keyboard naturals of bone with sharps of ebony; pedal keys rock maple, sharps ebony-capped; stopknobs, hitchdown pedals, etc. of bocote;  stopknob disks of certified legal ivory. Total number of pipes is 1,182. Old pipes extensively repaired, including new languids for several stops; slide tuners, temperament is Kellner. Manual/pedal compass 58/30.


  • 8′ Open Diapason (new, facade, 28%)
  • 8′ Stopped Diapason
  • 4′ Octave
  • 2 2/3′ Twelfth
  • 2′ Fifteenth
  • 4′ Cornet IV (new, from c13-c49, 28%)
  • 1 1/3′ Mixture III-IV (new, 28%)
  • 8′ Trumpet (new, zinc & 52% resonators)


SWELL (enclosed)

  • 8′ Geigen Diapason (1-12, stp fl)
  • 8′ Stopped Flute+ (1-6 new, cypress)
  • 8′ Voix Celeste
  • 4′ Principle+
  • 4′ Flute+
  • 2′ Flantino+
  • 16′ Bassoon (new, 52% resonators)
  • 8′ Hautboy (new, 52% resonators)


PEDAL (FLAT pedalboard)

  • 16′ Bourdon (new, soft maple)
  • 16′ Trombone (new, zinc & 28% resonators)