5 February 2018

Learning from the Prophets: Living Without Regrets

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This week we look at the prophet Hosea, and his message to Israel at a time of great political upheaval. Israel had developed a pattern of making decisions without consulting God, and this led to everything falling apart. This raises the important spiritual question: How do we invite God into the decision-making processes of our lives? In this sermon, Father John offers three suggestions for seeking God's leadership in our lives when it comes to the important decisions we face - things all of us can do to avoid living with regret in our lives, and to live more faithfully [...]

6 June 2016

“War March of the Priests,” from Athalie, Op. 74 by Felix Mendelssohn – Played by Saint Andrew’s Organist Emeritus, John Clodfelter

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Special thanks to John Clodfelter for sharing his music gift with the parish on June 5, 2016. He is continuing graduate studies in music at the University of North Dakota.

19 November 2015

Saint Andrew’s Weekly News

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  FROM THE RECTOR The kingdoms of this world, and the Kingdom of God Reflecting on a week of strife and confusion Finishing our series on the Kingdom of God in a week with such turmoil in the world drove home for me the radical divide between the two Kingdoms: that of the world, and that of God. We watch as terrorism elicits its intended response of confusion, retaliation, and fear-based aggression, here and around the world. It forces us to face the reality that our governments cannot “turn the other cheek.” They cannot offer soul-freeing forgiveness, nor elevate reconciliation [...]

19 November 2015

Weekly News from Saint Andrew’s: Balancing Our Worship Music

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  FROM THE RECTOR Balancing Our Worship Music A call for your input This Fall we have experimented with our worship music by including alternative praise songs to Glory to God after the opening acclamation. The decision to do so was made by our Worship Ministry Group—which oversees our worship services—as a way of meeting the various worship needs represented in our parish and as expressed by our members. Some members highly enjoyed this change; several have reported that it seemed to not fit well with our overall liturgical experience. The Worship Ministry Group will meet on Wednesday, December 2 to [...]

6 November 2015

In the Midst of Parables: Saint Andrew’s weekly news

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  FROM THE RECTOR In the Midst of Parables Making more meaningful the reign of the Kingdom of God We have passed the half-way point in our exploration of the Kingdom parables of Jesus. Has the meaning of the reign of God grown through our consideration of these stories? There are three types of parables found in the Gospels: Similitudes. Stories that touches on a common experience in real life that hearers would almost automatically agree is true—they are an affirmation of the way life is. Parables. Fictional but vivid stories that attempt to persuade listeners of a single, striking [...]

1 November 2015

Remembering the Faithful: News from Saint Andrew’s

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  FROM THE RECTOR Remembering the Faithful The Feasts of All Saints and All Souls this Sunday, November 1 Hallowe’en (or All Hallow's Eve) is the vigil of The Feast of All Saints on November 1—a day on which the Church honors all the blessed faithful. This day is followed by All Souls’ Day, November 2, where the Church remembers the faithful departed. During our service this Sunday we will acknowledge both by having a moment of remembrance at the conclusion of The Prayers of the People. I will offer a word of invitation to anyone who wishes to speak aloud the name [...]

22 October 2015

Saint Andrew’s Weekly Mailing, October 25

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  FROM THE RECTOR Away to Diocesan Convention 2015 On Friday and Saturday, October 23–24, I will attend our Diocesan Convention in Indianapolis at the Wyndham Indianapolis West, hosted by Saint John’s, Speedway. At the convention this year we will discuss and decide upon new resolutions to be added to our diocesan Constitutions and Canons, as well as electing to various councils nominees who have been put forward to serve. I am a nominee for a clergy position on the Commission on Ministry—a group that helps individuals discern their call to various kinds of ministry, and guides them through that [...]

19 October 2015

“Holy Conversations”—the next Bishop of Indianapolis

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  From the Rector “Holy Conversations”—The Election of the Eleventh Bishop of Indianapolis Bishop Cate has indicated that she will retire in 2017, thus initiating the process of searching for and calling a new Bishop of the Diocese of Indianapolis. Elections were held in each deanery in the diocese, and delegates sent to form a Search Committee (responsible for finding qualified candidates) and a Transition Committee (responsible for the events involved in this process). You are invited to give your input—and I want to make you aware of two “Holy Conversations,” which collect input from the members of the diocese, [...]

7 October 2015

Children’s Ministry & Hamilton Hall Dedication

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This past Sunday was an historic service at Saint Andrew’s as we rededicated Hamilton Hall and our new Children's ministry space. Don and Laurie Hamilton and many of their family members were present as they were honored for their commitment to Saint Andrew's. Dave and Sue Murray were also honored for their long time commitment to Saint Andrew's and leadership in this renovation project. Other members of the Property and Renovation committees were thanked. The children of the parish led the service, and our new Children’s Minister, Kevin Johnston, preached.